Jill Manos






Jill has been teaching surf lessons with us for the past 5 years. Her patience and upbeat personality are a hit with women and younger people learning to surf. Wife of pro surfer Nico (owner), Jill has held her own in the past four contests she’s entered, placing 2nd inthe women’s open and the women’s longboarding divisions two years in a row. If you would prefer to have a female surf instructor, please let us know at the time of booking. Jill’s recent accomplishments: 1st place 2013 Nor’Easter classic – womens shortboard, 2nd women’s long board 2011, 2nd womens open 2011, 2nd women’s long board 2010, 2nd women’s open 2010.


Shawn Sampson

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Shawn has been surfing for twelve years which all began with his good friend Nico Manos. Since then he has surfed the shores of Nova Scotia and beyond, from living in Australia, to annual winter surf trips in Central America; however, Nova Scotia is home, where he continues to surf year round. Shawn’s approachable, charming, easy going attitude along side with his sticking resemblance to David Hasslehoff will help you feel comfortable getting in the water for the first time.


Tom Terrell

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Tom  learned to surf on the west coast in Tofino, BC and migrated to Nova Scotia in 2009. Tom resides in Cow Bay, NS where he spends his days surfing and his nights working as a musician. Tom has surfed and explored North America and has years of teaching experience. Check out his music, its hard not to like!


Sam McKenna

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Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Sam has been surfing for over 10 years and has been teaching for over 5. He loves traveling, surfing and snowboarding. Sam has surfed in many places around the world including: South Africa, Costa Rica, Portugal and France, just to name a few. He was also on the Canadian National Jr. surfing team 2 years in a row and he regularly competes in local competitions placing well in many of them. Sam’s passion for the sport shows through his patience and humour with his students.


Kyle Knight






Sir Kyle Knight is a surf aficionado and wave connoisseur.  When not surfing for leisure, he has spent much of the past 2 seasons instructing 100′s of beginners of all ages and skill levels on the mechanics of surfing. “Knight is one of the emost patient instructors I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with…”  Q. Elizabeth Taking a methodical, friendly and inviting approach, Knights lessons have helped carve a memorable and safe experience for those willing to take on the challenge of learning to surf.


Ben Woodford  






Ben is an incredible surfer, one of Nova Scotia’s best.  With results in many local contests and an overall love for the ocean east coast surf school is proud to welcome him to the team for his second year!


Mark Moore

Mark grew up in Nova Scotia and then spent the better part of 10 years searching the world for wind and waves. His passport is jam packed with stamps from over 40 countries. On any given day, he is torn between surfing and kitesurfing. He’s been featured in every major kitesurfing magazine in the world and is very excited to share his passion for the ocean with the students at the East Coast Surf School.